Chimney Sweeping Services

A profession that has stood the test of time, chimney sweeping has lasted for centuries as a vital and necessary means for keeping a fireplace and its related components both functional and safe. Chimney Technologies combines state-of-the-art cleaning equipment with traditional chimney sweeping techniques that offer superior results for properties in Arlington. Rely on Chimney Technologies’s expert chimney sweepers for services that will maintain the beauty of your fireplace and natural heating systems for many years to come.

Why Does a Chimney Need Sweeping?

Soot and creosote are by-products from burning wood that create fire hazards if left to accumulate for extended periods. Chimney sweeping removes dust and soot, but does more than just prevent fires. Increased air flow once a chimney is cleaned helps wood burn more efficiently and also minimizes or entirely eliminates soot odor. In addition, birds and other wildlife that typically create nests in chimney flues require regular, (humane) removal to prevent damage and deterioration.

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Chimney Technologies Chimney Inspections

Regular sweeping is a necessary part of preventative home maintenance that preserves the structural integrity of a chimney and your entire property. Chimney Technologies technicians thoroughly inspect each chimney when cleaning and provide tips for optimal wood burning.

How Often Should a Chimney Be Cleaned?

We recommend regular sweeping by an expert. Our chimney sweepers are experienced in cleaning oil chimneys, furnaces, and boilers. Approved by fire departments and recognized by insurance companies, Chimney Technologies offers professional chimney services in compliance with the highest of safety standards and regulations in the region.

Did You Know?

Today’s improved energy efficient wood burning appliances burn less wood than older wood burning stoves. When installed properly, updated models provide energy savings and are environmentally friendly.

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